Life is beautiful.

Photography is my wonderful, challenging creative outlet.
I have been working as a part-time portrait photographer for 9+ years, with over 40 weddings in my portfolio. I LOVE weddings, and being a fun part of a couple's special day. If everyone is having fun, the pictures turn out great, and as the photographer, it is my job to make the photo process quick, fun, and simple- so that the couple as well as the wedding party can relax, be themselves, and enjoy the day.

Though I can't help but be amazed by the beauty of nature and our world, I enjoy portraits far and above landscapes.....Babies, Pregnancy, Children, Family, Engagement, Mamas, Modeling, and Boudoir sessions.

Photography is my passion, and I LOVE capturing someone's personality; a couple's unique, sweet dynamic; or a child's genuinely happy smile- that only they have. Making people feel and look great, makes me feel great.

I am happy to discuss services, pricing, products. Feel free to email me at: